About his site

This site was intended to be part of a "Digital City" project in The Hague and as a spontaneous contribution to the festivities around the fiftiest anniversary of the Republik Indonesia in the Netherlands in 1995 on the web. From time to time changes and additions are made.

It's called "The Colonial Widow" because that's a translation of a dutch name for the city of The Hague; "De Weduwe van Indië". That name was given to The Hague by a singer called "Tante Lien". To find out a bit about Tante Lien you can pay a visit to the University of Kent for a look at a study from Oliver Kortendick: Indische Nederlanders und Tante Lien: eine Strategie zur Konstruktion ethnischer Identität The introduction is in this language but de rest is in German.

For information about the Indische identity you can check the Dutch East-Indies Informationpoint and The Netherlands-Indonesia: A hybrid of cultures by Siswa Santoso

This project has no special affiliation to cultural groups (including the Indische), political parties, ideologies or recepies. All kind of contributions on the subject of Dutch-Indonesian relations are welcome.

Because the Indonesian Communist Party(PKI) played an important and dramatic role in Dutch - Indonesian relations, and this issue never got much attention in general because of Indonesian censorship and Dutch interests, a special menu named "Indonesia Calling" was created to honour the communist solidarity with the Indonesian independence. Most information on the PKI is about the coup of 1965. "Indonesia Calling" also includes issues on human rights, East Timor and West Papua. These pages are not for amusement. Viewing some of them could be stressing and is no good for young children.

Feedback is welcome at fwillems@antenna.nl