Prince Bernhard

Bernhard ontvangt Suharto Prince Bernhard has been very much into Indonesian affairs.
After his marriage Bernhard switched ranks from german S.S. into ranks with the dutch army, including a rank with the K.N.I.L. the colonial army in the East Indies. Raymond Westerling, the notorious commander of the Special Forces during the Indonesian independence struggle, was a member of Bernhard's personal staff in WW II. Bernard played a crucial role in the New Guinea crisis. After Suharto's coup d'etat and massmurder of Indonesia's political left wing, Bernard was among the first to visit the man. In 1970 Suharto paid a visit to Holland, the first ever of a Indonesian president for Soekarno had never been welcome. This marked the start of the Moluccan guerilla warfare in Holland. Prince Bernhard is still admired by the extreme right in Holland. The Lockheed-affair showed Bernhard to be a corrupt person. As punishment he was forbidden to wear military uniforms any longer. In 1988 he was rehabilitated and a monument was erected for him in front of the dutch airforce headquarters in The Hague. The monument shows Bernhard in the uniform of the Royal Air Force; RAF, yes: the british airforce...

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A bronze Bernhard posing in RAF-uniform in front of dutch airforce HQ