Tovar comment in Gatra

"Question: How about the accusation that CIA and US embassy employees have once leaked names of PKI members to TNI [Indonesian Army]. As least as reported by Kathy Kadane?
"Tovar: I know, one of the sources of suspicion of US involvement and leaking of names comes from Kathy Kadane's writing. She said, we and one of the US embassy employees leaked PKI members' names to the Army. But that is really not true. We never did that. The Indonesian military knew by themselves and knew what needs to be done. Soeharto and his friends never asked about this to us.
"Question: But there are a lot of assertions about CIA involvement?
"Tovar: Yes, I know. I hear that lots of Indonesians believe that. And for them who already believe in it, they will always believe. Even you will not be able to change it. You will have difficulty changing it. Frankly I am telling you, if there are people saying the CIA was involved, that is procommunist talk, pro PKI, and that is propaganda. If you read Marshall Green's book, actually everything is clear: the CIA is not involved in that G30S/PKI event. I have actually written an article on this. But now I do not have a copy. Even who the publisher is and what the exact title is, I forgot."