Volkskrant 19 april 2002


lndover bank wins court case against Karel Baarspul

Indover bank announces that it's court case against the ex treasurer of the province of South Holland and author of the recently published book 'Zilverpolder' has found in the bank's favour.

The court concluded that publicizing such unfounded allegations was an unlawful act against Indover bank and came to the following verdict:
  1. A separate page must be inserted into every unsold book within 24 hours of the serving of the sentence stating that the book is fictional and that the President of the Court in The Hague ruled that parts of the book are unlawful against Indover bank.
  2. Next editions of the book will not mention Indover bank except in its role as one of the regular counterparts of the province of South Holland.
  3. The author is prohibited from making public statements on Indover bank in the future except where related to its role as a regular counterpart of the province of South Holland.
  4. A penalty of Euro 2,500 per day applies if the author and/or editor do not adhere to the verdict.

Indover bank is very pleased with the conclusions and the verdict of the court. Indover will continue to focus on the implementation of its corporate strategy and on building on the successful results of the last few years in order to realize its vision to become a Dutch niche player bank specializing in certain products of trade finance, corporate finance and treasury.

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