Bahasa Indonesia


he left his barren village
and suffered the city's cruelty
but he was a brave man
the city was hard
but his heart was like rock
he sweated night and day
Darman this brave young man
robbed of his youth
faithful Tukini already his wife
five lives now dependent on him
brave Darman
the city's cunning would not defeat him
but he couldn't deafen his ears
to the sound of his children's crying
a man, yes Darman was a brave man,
a bold man
and when they threw him into prison
the faithful Tukini wept for his courage

yes, Tukini mourned him
as she sat sobbing on the bamboo couch
in the house with the rent still unpaid
her eldest child lying there, struck down with cholera

her belly swollen
bearing the live of her fifth child

Wiji Thukul Wijaya

translated by Keith Foulcher
source: Inside Indonesia, no. 12 october 1987