The last edition of DeTik

_Remark: This is a historic issue, the last for DeTIK, the star of Indonesia's recent Hundred Flowers period of openness. Brought out on the day its publishing licence was withdrawn, the readers letters page has a letter from the editor in the form of a poem printed white on black about 'thinking free' in service of the nation, next to a cartoon of a silenced journalist with the words 'say nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, write nothing - then what can i do? Hush, quiet, as if you didn't know - these are the conditions for being a "model journalist", he he he'. GvK._

Jakarta High Court spokesman H Soekanto Tjahjadi says the increased sentence handed out to 21 students upon their appeal to a higher court were due to the fact that the students had used the courtroom for political propaganda and thereby eroded the prestige of the court. Gadjah Mada University law professor Bambang Poernomo thinks this reason is 'obscure'.

Damage to sand miners equipment totalled Rp 12 billion (US$6 million) after 4000 villagers in Sukabumi, West Java, went on the rampage 12/6. The villagers were angered by the turbidity caused in previously clear river water by the miners from 1992, making it undrinkable for 7 villages dependent on it. Agricultural yields were also down. The mining was done round the clock with heavy machinery to supply a large highway being built by [Presidential daughter] Mbak Tutut. All previous efforts at resolution of the conflict had failed.

For the second time, Interior Minister Yogie Memed has been strongly opposed by local interests over his handling of the appointment of a new governor for Central Kalimantan. Last year his attempt to appoint his former assistant Karna Suwanda was met by threats to disband the local chapter of Golkar by a group who favoured local candidate Apuk Nihin. Then, Yogie retreated, and was rapped over the knuckles by Secretary of State Moerdiono, who said Soeharto would never impose his will on the people. Instead he appointed a caretaker governor, Warsito Rahman, promising that the caretaker was not eligible for election. But now that the election has come round again (22/6), Warsito Rahman's name appears on the ticket, and opposition has revived. Yogya academic Ichlasul Amal blames Yogie's 'indecisiveness' rather than local obstinacy.

Popular singer-millionaire Setiawan Djody has been taken to court by receivers of the failed Summa Bank for failing to repay a Rp 1.8 billion (USD 0.9 million) loan due by April 1991 and then extended to April 1992. The loan was to have financed a salvage operation to recover a reputed US 220 million sunken treasure but the operation fell through.

Gerry van Klinken
Faculty of Asian and International Studies
Griffith University, Nathan Q 4111, Australia
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Source: DeTIK
Date: 22-28 June 1994
Original language: Indonesian
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