a. De Consul-Generaal READ aan

den Gouverneur-Generaal LOUDON.



SINGAPORE, 3 March 1873.


My dear Excellency!

In continuation of my report, it appears that the American consul sent for TUNKO MOHAMAD ARIFFIN, and told him that he had heard from Batavia that an expedition was being prepared to attack Acheen, and asked him to go to Acheen to warn the Sultan of it. At the same time he gave him a letter as a sort of credential. This I enclose. It is not of any great importance, beyond proving that the said consul is intriguing with the Acheenese. I also forward copy of TUNKO ARIFFIN'S letter to the resident of Riouw and the heads of instruction given him by the consul, together with the plan of defence, which the latter advised the Sultan to adopt. This will show the disposition of the said party to make capital out of a very questionable project.
I had a long conversation yesterday with mr. BIRCH, the colonial secretary, and I communicated confidentially to him what had transpired. He expressed great astonishment and regret, and unhesitatingly blamed the consul's conduct.
He said he was sure admiral JENKINS would also disapprove of it, and he added that he did not think that England would allow any other nation than Holland to hold such an important position as Acheen. He is to inform H. E. the Governor so soon as he returns of what has occurred, and will see me afterwards on the subject.
He was of opinion that captain RACCHIA is straightforward and honest and that he has no intention of interfering with places already occupied, and that it is understood that Italy is to be guarded by the advice of England.

I should etc.

Believe me, etc.

(w. g.) W. H. READ.